Thursday, August 14, 2008

Upcoming Code PINK events

Upcoming Code PINK events

1. 9/1/08 11 AM Penns Landing Code PINK Support and Outreach table at Labor Day Parade ending rally.

2. 9/5/08 6 PM 2nd and Market Street. Code PINK table and sandwich sign stroll at First Friday

3. 9/7/08 3 PM Code PINK monthly gathering. 30th Street station south side. Agenda to include how to present our signed postcards to our Senators, opt-out campaign in the high schools, presidential election season activities, etc.

4. 9/29/08 6PM Code PINK sandwich sign stroll in Manayunk. Meet in front of the parking lot on Main Street (near the ice cream place)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Philly Code Pink activity - July/August 2008

Code PINK plans for July – August 2008

Saturday, July 5, 1PM, Independence Hall, Chestnut St. (b/t 5th & 6th Sts.), Philadelphia, PA - Post-Independence Day Memorial & Walk-About for Peace (reading names of war dead, music, speakers, bell-tolling, Walk-About Independence Mall area, and more)"And Now, We Declare Peace...!": End the War/Stop the Funding, Restore Human and Constitutional Rights, Stop Nuclear Weapons, Challenge Militarism and Corporate War Profiteering, Establish Universal Single-Payer Health Care, End Poverty. Some Code PINK members will attend this event, but not enough to form an official contingent.

Thursday July 10th 7 PM – Code PINK table at Jazz in Malcolm X park 52nd and Pine St.

Friday July 18th 7 PM – Code PINK sandwich sign stroll and table in Manayunk. Meet @ table on street outside the municipal parking lot, Main St near Restoration Hardware.

Friday, August 1 – 5:30 Code PINK table for First Friday. 2nd Street, between Market and Arch

Tuesday August 5 – 6:30 Free Library Central branch 19th & Vine St. Code PINK “Power of the Purse” vigil at Speaker Pelosi’s lecture on “Know Your Power”

Sunday, August 10 – 3PM Monthly Code PINK gathering 30th street Station South side. Cindy will facilitate and bring a chapter from “Shock Doctrine" for our irregular reading group. We will review the last month actions. Kathleen will touch base will the anti-McCain group to see if there are actions we can join in on or materials we can use. We will plan for the Code PINK Labor Day parade contingent – something like a pink purse drill team.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Code PINK in May/early June. Welcome!

Here's what we cooked up PINK for the month of May and early June.

Friday, May 16: 5:30 - 6:30 PM. Gather on the street behind Trader Joe's for a Code PINK table to hand out leaflets, collect signatures on our fancy new post cards and get folks to leave a phone message for Casey and Specter on cell phones we will have right there. Then off to the Naked Chocolate Cafe for a member's birthday celebration!

Sunday, May 18th: 1 - 3 PM Gathering at a members home in West Philly to prepare props and practice for our new "Waitress - Did you order this war?" action*. Cal 215-474-4081 for the address.

Saturday, May 24th: 5 6:30 PM Gather at 2nd & Market street to unveil the "Waitress Action"*

Sunday, June 1st: 3 - 4:30 PM Monthly Code PINK gathering 30th Street Station, south side. Look for us at one of the tables.

Friday, June 6th: First Friday. Gather at 2nd & Market for our "Make art not war" table. Leaflets, postcards, phone calls, who knows what else?

* What is the Waitress Action?

Code Pinkies to pose as waitresses where restaurants have tables set up on the public street (no risk of trespass). Show diners our waitress trays with glued on war toys scenario. "Did you order this?" we ask the diners. The answer to this question is, "well, you paid for it!" Educational leaflet is given the diner, looks like a restaurant menu, with war menu items and the cost. A great interactive way to have fun and education folks about the cost of the war!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Upcoming Events for Philly Code Pink

I. Thursday March 6th, At 7:00 PM
Studio 34, 2nd floor, 4522 Baltimore Ave.
Mexican Workers Speak Out Against NAFTA.

II. Saturday, March 8
Celebrate International Women's Day and our fight for economic and social justice.

10:30 AM Assemble at West Side of City Hall, Phila for a rally and march (11:30) to Unite/Here Union Hall, 22 S. 22nd St.

12:30-5:30pm. Indoor celebration with tables, workshops and cultural presentations. Philly Code Pink will have a table with impeachment petitions and literature on fighting the war.

III. Saturday, March 15, at 7:00 PM.
At LAVA Space, 4135 Lancaster Ave, Phila
Benefit Event for Movement for Justice in El Barrio Help take the Movement to London to fight their multinational slumlord in East Harlem.
Featuring: The Baptist Preachers (punk, surf, and gospel).
Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac (Mexicayotl culture) DJ Bunnystyle of Make Your Break
Contact: Philly Mexico Solidarity Group 410-739-7190

IV. Wednesday, March 19
8:30 AM – 9:30 At 20th and Market
Protest the 5th Anniversary Of the Iraqi War with a Vigil at Senator Casey's Office

11:30 to 1:30 PM
Clothes Pin at City Hall
Join the Grannies Peace Brigade and wash the dirty laundry of our government.

V. Friday April 4
Meet at 7 PM at 2nd and Market
First Friday
Table with Philly Code Pink Against the War

VI. Sunday, April 6
3:00 PM
At 30th Street Train Station
Philly Code Pink Monthly Gathering

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Support Iraqi Women

Stop Violence Against Iraqi Women ..
Let Us Work Together for Justice, and Equality

Despite the relative improvement in the security situation, our Iraqi people continue to live in an atmosphere of general chaos that is unprecedented for Iraq or other countries. Perhaps the most important manifestation of this chaos is the lawlessness, unbridled terrorism, insecurity and the spread of organized crime. This situation has claimed the lives of more than fifty women during the second half of this year, with the murders being carried out by extremist and reactionary forces and criminal gangs, under various social, religious and political motives and pretexts.Iraqi women, who are subjected to various forms of discrimination, oppression and exploitation, and who face violence on a daily basis and through various means, are today facing mass killings because of the widespread terrorism targeting them. Most heinous murders are committed against them, in broad daylight with impunity. The killings of women in the city of Basra are but a terrible proof of the barbarism of their perpetrators and those who stand behind them. Despite the condemnation of these crimes, the government and the relevant authorities have not taken the necessary measures against these crimes, to put an end to them and punish their perpetrators.We, in Iraqi Women s League, strongly condemn the crimes of killing women in Basra and other Iraqi towns, and denounce all forms of violations of human rights in Iraq, and call upon international organizations, the Iraqi Government and relevant authorities to:

1 - Send an international fact-finding mission to Iraq, to be organized by the UN High Commission for Human Rights with the participation of international human rights organizations, to investigate the crimes against women, help the Iraqi authorities to identify the perpetrators and work to stop these crimes.

2 - Reveal the criminals and those who stand behind them, and bring them to justice.

3 - Disclose the outcome of the investigations.

4 - Take measures to safeguard personal freedoms that are constitutionally guaranteed.

5 - Take deterrent measures to ensure the safety of citizens and protect their lives.

6 - Act firmly to improve the conditions of women and facilitate their involvement in the reconstruction process.

Sign onto this statement

Iraqi Women s League / Co-ordinating Committee Abroad3-1-2008

Iraqi Womens League 2008 / 1 / 3